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MATEK, Inc. offers expertise and comprehensive customer-focused solutions in several domains of Enterprise System Integration.

Information Technology/Telecommunications 
MATEK provides cutting-edge comprehensive Engineer, Furnish, Install, Secure, and Test (EFIS&T) solutions.

Program Management
MATEK develops the methodology to effectively implement numerous complex programs for our customers.

Cyber Security
MATEK provides unparalleled security support with certified engineers and specialists delivering high quality Information Assurance (IA) system engineering, certification, accreditation, technical services, and programmatic support.

Integrated Security Systems
MATEK offers the design and management of sophisticated systems that integrate all peripheral security devices into one command and control system.

Research and Development
MATEK manages Research and Development programs successfully from inception to completion.


Professional and Administrative Services 
  •  Contracts Management 
  •  Procurement
  •  Records Management
  •  Logistics Management and Services
  •  Construction Management Services


Migration Services                                                                                                                                         

  • Project Plan and Requirements Statement
  • Hardware Replacement and Asset Management
  • De-installation and Reinstallation
  • Desktop Imaging
  • Customization
  • System Disposal 
  •  Moving/Relocation                                                                                       

Information Technology Services 

  • Project Management
  • Software Development and Maintenance
  • Database Development and Administration
  • System Support
Telecommunications and Networking 
  • Cable Management
  • Copper and Fiber Installation
  • Structured Cable Plant Design
  • Indoor/Outdoor Installations and Maintenance
  • Cable Removal 




Save money, speed delivery, and get fresher technology with the design/build approach. Low voltage systems are often isolated from the larger construction project-a situation that can result in higher costs and systems that are not well integrated. At MATEK, Inc., we have extensive experience delivering low voltage systems within a Design/Build environment.

Information Transport Infrastructure

Whether in your home, office, data center or campus, our Communications Distribution Designers will ensure that your cabling infrastructure needs for voice, data and video are met with the most efficient, effective solutions. All tested, documented and delivered according to strictest NiCSi, TIA/EIA and NFAP standards.

Integrated Security Systems

MATEK, Inc. offers a wide array of interoperable devices and applications to furnish tailored solutions to meet the needs of an individual homeowner or an entire government enterprise. MATEK, Inc. offers state-of-the-art technology and expert personnel to help you meet your facility's security requirements. Our process starts with a thorough analysis of your needs. Then we design and install a sophisticated, integrated security system-using the best products from multiple manufacturers to ensure that your final system meets your operational requirements. Lastly, we offer complete maintenance packages for your system.

Dreaming of a home theater? Or just a better A/V system in your office? MATEK, Inc. can help. We offer complete design and installation services for a wide range of audio/visual services-from residential to high-end professional systems for stadiums and other large venues. We have A/V engineers with the special skills and experience needed for distributed audio, theater, boardroom/conference room capabilities, MATV, public address systems, and other A/V applications.